22-26 April 2013
Europe/Berlin timezone
The Modern Radio Universe 2013

80 years ago, in spring 1933, Karl Jansky published his discovery of cosmic radio emission. This paved the way not only for a new discipline, radio astronomy, but also for an exploration of the universe that now encompasses almost the entire electromagnetic window. Today, radio astronomy is about to enter into yet another new era with a number of new or upgraded radio facilities coming online and major new initiatives, like the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), are starting up. This conference will try to highlight the original and exciting science currently being produced by radio astronomical telescopes, such as the GBT, Effelsberg, LOFAR, ALMA, the JVLA, GMRT, eMERLIN, EVN, VLBA, as well as pathfinder experiments of the SKA, and others.
Science areas that will be discussed are among others: Cosmology, galaxy evolution, AGN and compact objects, star formation, interstellar medium, The Milky Way and Galactic science, radio transients, fundamental and astroparticle physics, extreme physics and associated theory. This fresh view on the radio universe will improve our current knowledge of the universe and highlight new trends in radio astronomy. The science delivered by the radio astronomical community addresses key questions in modern astrophysics that may lead us to even more ambitious science goals to be targeted by future radio facilities like the SKA.
The last Modern Radio Universe took place 2007 in Manchester commemorating 50 years of the Lovell telescope and looking forward towards the SKA. This issue of the conference commemorates the groundbreaking work of Karl Jansky 80 years ago and comes 40 years after the Effelsberg 100 metre telescope started operations. While combining past and future in this conference, the main focus of the science presentations, however, will be to make an inventory of outstanding science results that are presently being obtained with the new or upgraded facilities.

Invited Speakers

  Phillip Best            -- AGN
  Gianfranco Brunetti -- Cluster
  Andreas Brunthaler -- Structure and kinematics of the Milky Way and the local group
  Jason Hessels        -- Pulsars
  Nissim Kanekar      -- Variation of fundamental constants with cosmic time
  Ken Kellerman       -- Radio Astronomy: From Karl Jansky to the SKA
  Leon Koopmans      -- EoR
  Bärbel Koribalski    -- HI galaxies
  Elmar Körding        -- Unification
  Martin Meyer         -- HI cosmology
  Karl Menten           -- Path toward the Effelsberg telescope
  Luciano Rezzolla     -- Black holes
  Anna Scaife           -- The polarised sky
  Andrew Siemion     -- SETI
  Alicia Soderberg     -- Relativistic radio transients
  Vernesa Smolcic     -- High z star formation


SOC: M. Kramer (chair; MPIfR), H. Falcke (chair; Radboud Uni Nijmegen), F. Bertoldi (AIfA),
F. Combes (Paris), T. de Graauw (ALMA), P. Diamond (SKA), A. Eckart (Uni Cologne),
B. Fanaroff (SA SKA), R. Fender (Uni Southampton), L. Feretti (INAF), T. Fieseler (Jülich), D. Frail (NRAO), M. Garrett (ASTRON), R. Laing (ESO), K. Menten (MPIfR), L. Verdes-Montenegro (IAA),
M. Reid (CFA Harvard-Smithsonian), A. Zensus (MPIfR)

LOC: H.-R. Klöckner (chair), G. Breuer, S. Bruschi, A. Herzog, P. Zinn, E. Juette, A. Miskolczi, M. Zwaan, H. Falcke, M. Kramer

Sponsors: MPIfR, MPG, SKA Organisation, European SKA Consortium, RadioNet3, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Supported by: GLOW, Argelander Institut für Astronomie Universität Bonn, Astronomisches Institut der Ruhr-Universität Bochum, I. Physikalisches Institut der Universität zu Köln

Dates: from 22 April 2013 08:30 to 26 April 2013 23:30
Timezone: Europe/Berlin
Material: Slides
Additional info:
The conference fee of 250 Euro includes coffee, lunch, and social events.
Please note that a pre-registration is possible without directly paying the conference fee.